Random thoughts

There are 3 worlds people can operate in Fantasy, External Reality, and Close Reality.  Fantasy is when you are playing wow it is entertainment and should never be anything more then entertainment.  External Reality is all the things you hear on the news.  This is the Reality that you may want to change, but can not do directly.  Far to many people spend their time in External Reality this is a good way to become depressed.  Close Reality is the things you can influence by direct action in a small amount of time.  I nolonger really operate in Fantasy as I don’t have the time.  I understand External Reality better then most people as my mind and job are designed to do this.  Most of my time is spent working with Close Reality.  I am a manipulator at heart I enjoy changing things and beating systems.  More offten then not if given the ability to directly impart change upon a system I can make it dance.  This has served me well in life.  Going forward I am planing out where I want to be.  At this point I am debating between choosing wealth, justice, or honor.  It is sad that they are generally mutually exclusive.


How to fix housing

This solution is only viable if done in the next 3 months after that there is no guarantee as things will likly have changed and the correct solution would thus change.

To solve housing you need to give each person who owns a house a new loan.  The loan would be for 80% of the houses current value and would be fixed at 4.5%.   All of these loans are bundled into a security and proportioned out to the current lenders.  So if you owed a bank 200k and the value of the house was 100k then you would get a loan for 80k and the bank would get payments on 80k for that loan.    If you owed 100k and the house was worth 140k you would get the new rate if it was lower if you wanted to be included in the program.

Why do this? because the rules of the game encourage spiraling forclousers its the best option for people and it just drives more people to do it.  If the government did my plan they would stop the incentive as no new house you could buy would give you 20% equity and that rate.  Thus the only way you would leave your house is if someone purchased the house which should be possible because you have equity.

You do it this way because there are no rules that would allow for “fair” fixing of loans you do them all or you let them all go to forclosure.  You can nolonger just get a few of the markets because the government waited to long to act and the problem has spread.  It will continue to spread until the value of forclosure is less then the hit to the credit of the individual.

vita-mix has arived

Ok it is impressive to see a company have such love for itself that when you buy one of their products they send you a confirmation e-mail stating you have just made one of the most important decisions in your life. This is a big statement to come from a blender manufacture.

My vita-mix arrived today. I got the refurbished 5200 for about $400 total. For that price you get a blender with a base larger then some small microwave ovens. You get a cookbook that rates fairly high compared to other appliance cookbooks. An introductory DVD that is well introductory. A LARGE blender container and a taping device.

First thing I had to try was peanut butter. The process consisting of cutting open a bag of peanuts that were salted and roasted, dumping them into the blender, and then turning the thing to high. About 3 mins later with a little help from the tapper I had perfectly smooth and slightly warm peanut butter.

Ok the thing can turn a bag of peanuts into a smooth butter. Can it cook a soup? Tossed in a backed potato, 1 cup broth, 1 cup milk, some cheese, salt, pepper, rosemary, and about 2 Tbs of butter. Blend for 4 mins. I had hot potato …. Something. I would say I made a hot potato milkshake as it was extremely smooth, but to thick. I am impressed and confused. It seems cooking with a blender may take a little practice.

For desert I will make strawberry ice cream….

You like Ice! You like Cream? Maybe you don’t like vinigar so much?

My balsamic vinegar ice cream tasted like a berry ice cream that was some how different.  The two people who blind taste tested it did not know what to think.  One thought maybe it was grape and raspberry ice cream the other could not figure it out.  The end consensus was 2 against eating it and 2 for a few more bites.

Personally I think it works but I love viniagar so it would not be hard for me to like vinigar flavored ice-cream.  As with the other ice creams from Four Play it really does need to acompany another item to really make for a truely greate desert.


How to “fix” the economy.   The big question is can the economy consume enough to grow constantly?  If the answer is yes then the current recession is simply an example of “swarm” behavior in accordance with information availibility.  This would indicate a “boom” would happen just as quickly as this last downturn.   If the answer is no and people reduce their consumption to the minimum needed to live then we have a big problem.

In order to fix consumption I would look at bosting consumable items that produce very little real world value.  basicaly use stimulas to boost virtual items like music, games, video, books, etc.  This will provide the most bang for the buck.  Any stimulus aimed at hard material consumption will simply be to distructive to sustain in the long run and would colapse the economy.  You can grow an economy from industrial to information but not from information to industrial.

Boys Day

Yesterday got to stay home with just me and Landon.   We hit the park and spent a good amount of time playing on the playground.  I do wish they would make thoes just a little bigger they really are fun things to mess around on.  After we got done there we hit Burger King for some frys and some more playtime on the indoor slides.  Then we hit the movie theater and watched Madigascar 2 and demolished a large bag of popcorn.   Finally ended the day at home playing flip the Landon.  Overall a really good day and Landon was well behaved until mom came home, but all in all he was good.  I look forward to doing it again.

Wizard 3.5 Vs 4.0 and a few other things

Ok so some people are still under the dilusion that 3.5 is a better role playing game then 4.0.  I have now played enough of 4.0 to say without question that if you like to role play and not role(a d20 for every action) play 4.0 is a better more complex and all around more fun game.

Someone was saying to me that a 3.5 wizard has so many more options in the main handbook then a 4.0 wizard.  Here is the math lets start with 3.5

Level 1 3.5 wizard


3 – Level 0 spells from a selection of 19  choosen daily

1 – Level 1 spell from a selection of 3 from a selection of 39  choosen at creation and daily.

Level 1 4.0 wizard


– 1 Implement mastery from selection of 3

–  4 cantrips that are a mix of 3.5 level  0 powers

–  2-3 level 1 at will spells from a list of 5

–  1 level 1 encounter spells from a list of 5

– 2 level 1 daily spells from a list of 4

–  3 level 1 rituals from a list of 8

So from a strait spell stand point the 4.0 wizard has more options at his disposal then the 3.5 espesialy when you consider the fact that the 3.5 must choose all his spells at the beginning of the day except for read magic.  A 4.0 only needs to study that one big daily spell each day the rest it is assumed he has remembered by now.

The other stupid argument I keep hearing uninformed players make is 4.0 does not have a performance skill or a forgery skill etc.  Ok these are stuipid skills you do not learn to play an instrument and then have a 1-20 chance at suddenly forgetting how to play it.  Every skill that is needed mechanically is in 4.0 as a main skill or a sub skill of a main skill.  So yes in 4.0 if you are trained in athletics it means you know how to climb, jump, and swim.  In 3.5 you could make a really good swimer who could not climb a rope if his life depended on it.   And just beacuse I know you will say well what about performance I play a flute and I need to roll a d20 to see how good I am well the Diplomacy skill covers that.  Its in the book if you would bother to read it.

In other news our party did good last night taking out the first big bad while he slept.  Its amazing how quickly you die when a rouge gets a coup de grace attack.

So for all of you that need dice to tell you how to role play please stick with 3.5 they have very detailed rules for all that stuff.  For those who like systems that logically make sense and leave your character’s interactions and actions up to your imagination then 4.0 is the game for you.